• Slöjd och berättarföreställning Rhythm and Slöjd


Rhythm & sloyd

A show with stories, wood shavings, sweat and rock ‘n roll.

To the music of the Chemical Brothers, Arvo Pärt and self-composed music perform a 45 min long craft show. To the rhythm of the music I make a shrinkbox from a greenwood blank, while a story about the processes behind making crafts emerging. Here you´ll find thoughts and stories about crooked birches, my fathers horsecarving and about rich folk traditions. In behind images of old and new inspiring slöjd. The craft show  needs theatrical / technical equipment.

Feel free to make an offer for the show.

Rock’n roll, patterns and symbols are  mysteriously braided together in my life and had a heavy importance for me.  I am the body of that tree.